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Britt has been writing stories since they were young. From fully illustrated stories about vampires as a child to their novella Summer at Enid's, Britt has always been drawn to stories about magic and nature. Their current works tend toward fantasy and magical realism.

With a passion for making books shine, they also offer editing services for other authors.

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Summer at Enid's

Lydia is running away from her problems and into her eccentric grandmother’s arms. Spending the summer hidden from the world, she rediscovers faith and creativity... and finds healing for her heart. Weston has been living in the safety of Enid's woods for two years, ashamed of his past. When Lydia comes along, he's forced to look back just to see how far he's he can finally move forward.

"Summer at Enid's is a heart warming story of redemption and love. It left me smiling through teary eyes!" - Corinne Cunningham, author of Farm Girl


For all inquiries, including editing services, get in touch with Britt at the email below or visit them on Instagram.

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